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Hello, I’m Debra Anderson and like you I am a taxpayer and I run a small businesses. I am also a parent of 2 teenage children and I thoroughly love technology especially technology to help small businesses. During my 25 plus years as an accountant I have worked for some big companies such as Estee Lauder, Vittoria Coffee and Honeywell but I always preferred working for the small family run businesses that no-one has ever heard of. In the last 15 years I’ve owned and run 3 small businesses and have even co-developed an App so I understand the day to day challenges you face and what keeps business owners and entrepreneurs like us up at night. Very early on I realised that the majority of tax agents and business owners don’t speak the same language and in most cases they don’t even understand what each other need and want. It makes me mad that so many tax agents have setup their clients accounting systems so it’s easy to do the tax return not realising the primary purpose is actually for the business owner to run, manage and understand their business.  Honestly, if I had a dollar for every end of financial year journal I’ve seen in accounting systems that means absolutely nothing to the business owner (or me) nor does it add any value other than for a tax return, I would be a millionaire. My passion and specialty is small business which is why the Institute of Public Accountants have chosen me to be to be their brand ambassador.  I’m pretty fussy about accounting and accounting systems which is why I’ve chosen to work with industry leaders such as Xero, Intuit’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) and MYOB’s AccountRight & Essentials products. I work differently to most accountants in that I do most of the tax preparation work within your accounting file and if I find something wrong I will fix it in your system, tell you and teach you how to do it right next time. This means that when you work with me your accounting system will always be accurate and the single source of financial truth for your business. I provide good old fashion, personable service but I also love technology and use the very latest, greatest, fastest, whiz-bang systems I can get my hands on – and I actively encourage you to as well. A few years ago I made a conscious choice to be a sole practitioner which basically means I employ no staff. For me it allows me to keep my overheads and more importantly my stress levels down. For you it means that I personally do all your work – from start to finish, me and only me – not by junior staff, not outsourced either to someone else here in Australia or overseas. I understand that you are great at what you do but you’re not a tax accountant or bookkeeper so I want you to make the most of having my expertise available to you by asking me anything about business, money, tax, BAS, technology, bookkeeping, your accounting system, your internal procedures, staff issues, budgets. In fact anything to do with your finances, tax and business because that’s what I’m here for and that’s what I love doing. You and I are a team. Your role is to run your business and my role is to have your back. I manage your compliance and ensure you pay the right amount of tax and not a cent more. If you want a passionate, contemporary, tech-savvy accountant with old fashioned values who genuinely loves compliance and helping you with your business call me on 1300 716 462 or send me an email and let’s have a chat.

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