Award Winning MYOB Consultant

“Debra has a unique ability to practically assess the potential for technology or for new ideas to really improve the lives of small business people around the country”

Tim Reed


Award Winning MYOB Certified Consultant

As one of Australia’s most experienced MYOB Certified Consultants I am committed to making sure you have the best possible MYOB experience and ongoing support.

If you’re new to MYOB or wondering whether MYOB is right for you I will make sure you get the right MYOB product for you and your business. There is no one size fits all with accounting software, so I promise you if there is no MYOB product right for you I will absolutely tell you. I will set it up, train you and be here for ongoing support. Forget generic classroom or online training because what you really need is to know how to best utilise it for your business both now and in the future as your business grows and changes.

If you’re already using MYOB, I will advise and train you on how to get the most out of your MYOB. During my 10 years as an MYOB Certified Consultant I have found three of the most common issues are –

1.  You purchased MYOB but weren’t told it wasn’t a plug and play system so you didn’t know to get it professionally set up. As a result it’s never been ‘quite right’ because there are some foundations that are not in place or functionality you’re not using.

2.  Your business has changed over the years and you’ve been ‘winging it’ but you just know you’re just not using it as well as you could or should be. You’ve been so busy working in the business you haven’t had a chance to implement or learn any of the really cool time saving new features that have been introduced over the years.  In fact you don’t even know what they are or how to find them let alone how to best use them.

3.  It’s old and it’s messy. It needs some love and maybe even a good clean up. You want to be confident that it’s accurate and you can rely on it to make informed decisions. In fact, it might need updating as well and then you could do some really cool stuff and even let technology do some of the boring stuff for you.

As a dedicated MYOB specialist I deal with these situations and more every single day.  I’ve worked with literally hundreds of businesses setting up, checking up, fine tuning and cleaning up their MYOB files so they can focus on running their business not running their MYOB.

If you’ve got any doubts whether you’re getting the most out of your MYOB call me on 1300 716 462 or email me and let’s have a chat.

Services I provide include –

  • One-off consultations
  • Ongoing support
  • BAS help
  • Trouble shooting
  • Determine which MYOB product is right for you and your business
  • Upgrading to the latest MYOB cloud software
  • Switching between MYOB products
  • Initial file setup
  • Setup of mobile payments or mobile invoicing
  • Payroll setup including SuperStream
  • Advice on better use of automation e.g. bank feeds, bank rules
  • 56 point MYOB healthcheck to ensure the integrity and optimal use of your MYOB
  • Migration from either the MYOB classic platform or other software
  • Addon software that saves you time and money e.g. debt collection
  • 1:1 training of new or existing staff
  • Advanced reporting within MYOB or addon software for smarter reporting
  • Clean-ups
  • Form customisation
  • End of year rollovers – payroll and/or financial year rollovers
  • Preparation of annual payment summaries (group certificates)
  • Annual reportable contractor payment summaries for the building & construction industry

pic of the MYOB award


Winner of the Inaugural MYOB Online Transformation Award

Debra won the Inaugural MYOB Online Transformation Award for her contributions to the continuous improvement and development of both the Essentials and AccountRight Live suite products.  Debra has also been a member of the MYOB Partner Advisory Group since 2008 and assists MYOB with their testing and development of products.

MYOB Specialist Sydney