Cybersecurity – Cheers to a prosperous and secure new year!

Cybersecurity – Cheers to a prosperous and secure new year!
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I recently went an¬†accounting technology conference in Boston and the one big surprise take-away I got was about internet security also known as¬†cybersecurity – or more accurately how unsecure most of our systems are AND horrifyingly how disastrously wrong it can go very quickly – like literally within seconds! I’m not even talking anti-virus or anti-malware because these days you MUST have both of these at a bare minimum or you’re just inviting trouble.

The good news is I’ve done a lot of the hard work and research for you.

If you don’t do anything else please, please do these 3 things….especially #3!

1. You need to use LastPass to manage your passwords. This application has changed my life and simplified my world of passwords – and I have hundreds. I have finally managed to get rid of my dreaded excel spreadsheet system to manage all my passwords – I only need LastPass. Try it here – oh and it also works on your mobile phone :)

2. If you’re using dropbox or google docs (especially if you’re running a business) you need to swap to Sync TODAY. Sync is fully encrypted not just once but twice and it works exactly like dropbox so there’s no re-learning. Best of all it’s really quite cheap. Try Sync here and get 1GB free.

3. For all you MYOB, QBO & Xero users if you haven’t already set up 2 step authentication please do not move until you have – it’s not a nice to have, it’s absolutely essential!

I’ve even included the instructions on how to set it up here –

Stay safe.

Debra :)

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