Cybersecurity – Cheers to a prosperous and secure new year!

Cybersecurity – Cheers to a prosperous and secure new year!

I recently went an accounting technology conference in Boston and the one big surprise take-away I got was about internet security also known as cybersecurity – or more accurately how unsecure most of our systems are AND horrifyingly how disastrously wrong it can go very quickly – like literally within seconds! I’m not even talking anti-virus or anti-malware because these days you MUST have both of these at a bare minimum...

5 Startup tips to give your business a headstart

As a startup it’s easy to get so caught up in the excitement, the product, the service and the marketing that you forget to focus on some of the fundamentals of beginning a business.  Getting these foundations right though from the start, will serve you well as you progress on your business journey and down the track you’ll thank yourself for it.

Improving your cash flow is as easy as 1 2 3

  Cash is the life blood of our businesses. It’s no secret, it’s not rocket science but cash flow is consistently one of the biggest pain points for Small Businesses everywhere. So what can you do to improve cash flow? Invoice your customers. Yes that’s what I said – just invoice your customers. Sounds too simple I know but I see many Small Businesses who are ‘too busy to...

5 signs you might need a bookkeeper

Most people start a business because they are good at something – be it plumbing, photography or designing – and not because they’re good at paperwork. So when exactly does it become worth hiring a bookkeeper? This is different for everyone and every business. The answer is not how much you turnover, but rather it’s about your situation, your level of financial expertise and the complexity of the business.